Noorie had her drain tube taken out and her incision is healing nicely. She will go back to the vet on Monday to get her stitches out. She is enjoying short walks around the neighborhood where she is being fostered. She is doing well with the harness and leash. She is on medication to alleviate her spitting up while eating.  The meds are helping,  but they have not eliminated the problem completely. The crate training is getting a little better, but she still has accidents in the crate. She is getting better about doing her business when she’s on a leash, but she always goes on concrete or the driveway and never in the grass. Norrie absolutely loves people of any age and she loves riding in the car . She is a work in progress. She has had a horrible life, but we know that she is going to be wonderful pet for someone, once she comes out of foster. She is a diamond in the rough, but full of love.