It’s not often that you get to celebrate a little guy being able to go potty like a regular boy, but we are celebrating exactly that this week! Wembley is using his leg normally when he goes potty.  When you consider how fractured and broken his hip and leg were –  we think this is very good news!

In fact, Wembley is doing so well that his vet has given the ok for his neuter surgery, which we’ll be scheduling soon.  The vet’s thought is that it makes sense to go ahead and do it now, rather than add more time on at the end of his recovery process.  If you’d like to help us to cover his medical expenses – please use the button at the bottom of the page!

Here are more details from his foster mom, about just how well Wembley is doing:

Wembley is doing great, he is actually progressing much quicker than his vet expected with his rehabilitation. He is already on Level 3, there are only 2 more Levels left with the last level really being a return to regular activities, such as playing etc. He should be healed within 6 to 12 weeks from surgery. The bones will be completely healed one year later. Until that time – he will be able to run and play as usual, but his forever home should know that risk of re-injury is present and they will need to make sure that he doesn’t jump off furniture, do stairs unsupervised or take part in any activity that could risk a fall etc. A little caution will go a long way in this area.
Here are some fun facts about Wembley:

    • He loves bones and antlers, obviously he is supervised when he has these treats but if you give him one, he is content to chew and chew as long as you let him. He also loves toys, all kinds! He is not mouthy to people but can be a little mouthy when trying to figure stuff out. Like mulch, dryer sheets, asphalt pieces, random rocks etc. When the time comes to find his forever home, his adopter is aware and pays close attention when he is off lead (and on for that matter) to make sure he doesn’t pick up something and eat it.
    • He could care less about bones, antlers or even peanut butter filled Kongs if you put these items with him in his crate. He crates (reluctantly, you have to put him in there) well but prefers to be out with his peeps. He is very good in his crate and settles in very quickly. He has been able to spend more and more time out of the crate, as he is getting stronger. I don’t think that Wembley will need a crate at night once he is healed. He would love love love to sleep in the bed with his family and really I think that should be a must for him. He can’t do that now. The risk of injury is too great and he could get hurt, but oh how he would love that. I still think a crate is a good idea when you are not there to watch him (i.e. work) and for now it’s a must to avoid injury. He loves to get out of his crate in the morning and roll all around on the floor on his back.
    • He makes monkey noises, we all know Frenchies have some very interesting death yodels, this is the first time I have ever heard one make monkey noises, he does this when he wants attention or out of the crate, these noises are very cute. He does whimper from time to time, but not out of pain, it’s for attention and it’s very quiet. He also has the best “lovin’ eyes” that he will give to you when you pet him or stop petting him or are not petting him. He loves to sit in your lap and be petted, loves snuggle time on the couch, just craves attention but does it so sweetly that it’s not annoying. He is a 100% love bug with a very gentle heart, he corrects very easily…..just a stern voice is enough. All he wants is to be petted, be with you and be on you or your lap somehow. He is not an independent fellow by any means, he needs and craves human attention.
    • He eats like a champ, and now that he’s on a decent food – the horrendous gas he had has gone down to almost nothing.
    • He is potty trained and as long as he is kept on a schedule and let out consistently he does great. We have synchronized Frenchie poo-offs (him and Maggie) in the morning after breakfast and in the evening after dinner. Wembley will try to eat poo, it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s his poo or Maggie’s. So keeping the yard picked up is a must and really easy thing to do to avoid this behaviour. It’s not super consistent anyways but it is there. With that being said Wembley will mark. My hopes are that this will stop after his neuter, but it may not. We’ll have to wait and see.
    • Wembley is off all pain and antibiotic medications. He has a little of the Metacam (anti-inflammatory) left and then that will be gone, likely this week. The vet does not see the need for him to continue on the Metacam or pain meds but has indicated that either or can be used if he is having a really bad day. He is on Dasuquin and Omega -3’s. He has a little arthritis in his left knee and the prediction is that with his injuries he will develop more. Potential adopters need to be aware that these medications are not optional and he must remain on them to stay comfortable. It is likely that these medications could change down the road as he ages. His injuries will always remain and I think that people should just be aware of the cost that this could bring. Right now I would estimate this maintenance cost to be around $20 to $25 per month (1 Dasuqiun per day, 84 tabs for $44.78 (online), ½ teaspoon of Omega 3’s per day, roughly $20 per bottle). He is on Trifexis for heartworm, flea prevention and has had no reaction to same.
    • Wembley is good with kids, my friends have 2 kids, 8 and 10 who are experienced with dogs. The family came over to give me a Christmas card and the kids met Wembley. They were extremely gentle and sat on the floor with him, he sat in their laps and was in love. He was very gentle, was not mouthy. As he heals and gets stronger, he may jump for attention. That’s a habit that can be easily fixed with gentle, consistent correction. Due to his risk of re-injury it’s probably best he stays with kids that are experienced with dogs when it comes time to find his forever home.
    • Wembley is good with other dogs, keeping in mind his interactions with same have been limited due to his injuries. He has met my Mom’s sheltie and my boyfriend’s pitbull Izzie with no issues. However, both of these dogs are extremely well behaved, trained and female. I think with slow intros he would do good with almost any dog. He has not been around males except at the vet, to which he showed no reaction. He is a playful sort, but he has shown some signs of being possessive of his person. We think that once he has the ability to be off lead and interact on a more normal/relaxed level, this won’t be an issue.
    • He has the biggest head I have ever seen on a Frenchie! It is massive! His chin is a little too short, which leads to the stickie outtie tongue that we all know and love. He actually has somewhat of a tail, a little nubbin and it wags and wags all the time. He is a very handsome Frenchie and his black markings are actually brindle. He started barking last week, (picked that up from Maggie) at the sound of a doorbell on TV. Now they like to huff and puff and bark whenever they hear any noise that remotely sounds like a doorbell. His bark is not obnoxious in any way.  It’s almost wispy.
    • He walks well on a lead and has good manners. He will look to his person for guidance and follow your lead.

He is a good boy and will make someone an excellent friend.  I know that with each day as he gets stronger, his time with me is becoming shorter.  Fingers crossed that we continue on this path!