YAY…Lilly has been adopted! She is with her new family for the holiday and loving it! She is being a bit bossy with one of her fur siblings but her forever parents are helping the fur kids to get along by performing a slow introduction. We have no doubt that the kids will all be getting along just fine soon enough. We wish Lilly and her forever family the best on their new adventures together!


Location: Central Oklahoma
Age: 2 years
Sex: Female/Spayed
Weight: 28 lbs
Kids: Yes
Cats: Yes
Other Dogs: Yes
Available As Of: 11/5/2018
Adoption Fee: $1000

Pretty girl, Lilly, is ready for adoption!!! Lilly is a Frenchton (Frenchie & Boston Terrier mix). While she looks like a Frenchie, she possesses the Boston agility and playfulness. She has longer legs for jumping and running and has a longer snout that will prevent her from getting as overheated as a Frenchie.

She was picked up as a stray and held for the required time in a local shelter. A member of another rescue group saw her and gave her to her foster momma to foster for FBV. Lilly was not spayed when she was surrendered to the shelter, so we are happy she was rescued before someone adopted her to use for breeding.

Lilly is now spayed and is very healthy. Lilly was experiencing some skin allergies when she first arrived, but good food has cleared her bumpy skin. Lilly would do well in a home with other dogs and cats as she currently lives with both and gets along pretty well with them.

Lilly is a ball of energy. She is quite the athlete and a mischief maker. She plays nonstop with the younger Frenchies in the household but ignores the senior Boston.

She is not toy or food aggressive; however, it is important to mention that she and the larger Frenchie in her foster home have a mutual dislike for each other and she does go into attack mode, but only with him. Her foster mom believes this stemmed from the first time she attempted to get him to play and he acted out. Since then, it has been on with these two and now they are prevented from interacting with each other.

Lilly is partially housebroken. She is crate trained but will need a refresher course in her forever home. She will go into her crate to sleep, too. She will require someone who is home all day or someone who can come home at lunch to provide a mid-day potty break…a dog walker would also be an option. Lilly is leash trained and although a fenced yard is not required, it is preferred.

Lilly would do best in an active household with a young dog for playing. She enjoys romping, playing and wrestling with the younger dogs in her foster home. Children (not young enough that she can knock over when she jumps) would be great for her as well. If no one is around to play with her, she will create her own fun and get into harmless mischief. She loves strangers but with a short attention span, she is apt to run off to see someone or chase a squirrel.

She is such a happy, carefree pup and always brings a smile to your face. Her foster house was recently painted, and she would retrieve tools, brushes, and pieces of wood the painter left in the yard. She is so much fun and such a ham!!!

She will soak up all the love and attention given to her. She likes to sit and watch TV with her person, especially the animal channel. If you would like a TV buddy, you definitely need to apply for Lilly!