Born October 2015 and the name fits. Loki was the god, or in this case goddess, of mischief. She is a three-year-old with the energy of a 3-month- old at times. She loves every human she meets, every treat she can eat and every toy she can get her paws on.

She seems interested in all the dogs she has met but definitely prefers the less dominant ones. She gets on great with her foster family’s young Frenchie, playing every chance they get when they have the energy. She doesn’t seem jealous of him with toys and humans, but the older Frenchie is a different matter. They still play but not as much and, unlike the younger dog, if he gets too much attention from the humans or has a toy, there is a risk of trouble and a fight of jealously. This is already starting to get less and less over time but should be something to be aware of in the future.

Loki came to FBV with little but a collar, a leash and the itches. The itches seem to be fading quickly now that she is on prescription food and Apoquel. She will slowly be weaned down on the amount of the drug she receives but may have to always stay on a low dose.

Loki will be best suited with a family with no other dog or one that is not dominant.¬†She is a white shadow that follows every move her human makes so don’t get used to being in the kitchen or bathroom without company. She is a very loving girl who has not worked out what kisses are just yet but she is learning.

She is housebroken and crate trained so well that she will run to her crate as soon as she knows that it is dinner time. She eats in her crate while the other dogs eat so that she doesn’t get any normal food while we work on her itches.

She sleeps well in a play pen in her foster parents’ bedroom and makes very little noise until she sees someone getting up in the morning. She walks well on her leash and listens very well, reacting to her name for the first time. She is learning what sit is and is not food aggressive if she knows that hers is coming too.

She is due to be spayed mid February. Hopefully, following her spay she will soon be ready for adoption. Stay tuned for updates on this sweet gal!