Location: Georgia

Age: 2-4, not certain

Sex: Female, spayed

Weight: 27 lbs.

Kids: Dog savvy older kids

Cat: yes

Dogs: Prefer not, maybe very submissive

Adoption fee: $250

Welcome beautiful Lola to the available page!!!

Lola was found abandoned on the side of the road by animal control. At the time she was found, Lola was unable to use her back legs at all, not even to stand.

Lola spent 2-3 weeks in an animal shelter, where she awaited rescue.  When the Village learned about her, we took her immediately to our vet where she remained in medical boarding for about one week. She was under 24 hour care and quickly became a favorite of the veterinary staff, doctors and employees.

During her time on medical boarding, she increasingly tried to use her legs. She got around super well just by scooting. She tried to play with other dogs but would then fall. Lola has quite a spirit about her! She is the most determined, tenacious little dog! She is loving, full of life and energy…just a wonderful dog.

Lola then went into foster care briefly with Mandy, a vet tech from the animal hospital, where Mandy worked with her for almost 2 weeks on physical therapy, walking etc. She had another dog about her size with her in that home, and loved to play. Mandy was no longer able to care for her when she began barking during the day when left alone.  She then went to a second foster home in GA where she currently lives.

Lola forms great bonds and attachments with her people, and really would prefer to be able to go to work with her person, or be with a family where someone stays at home.  While in foster care, Lola’s foster family took her everywhere with them, to restaurants, the hair salon, and she loved it!

Like a typical Frenchie female, Miss Lola is an alpha girl who likes things her way.  She gets along with other dogs fairly well but would prefer to be an only dog or with a quiet, submissive dog with owners who know how to integrate an alpha female into their pack.

Lola has met cats and done fine. She did have a little leash reaction to other dogs, but responds when told no. 

Lola loves hard…she loves her people…loves to snuggle and just wants to be with you. She loves to be carried, and loves to go with you wherever you go. Lola needs someone who can handle her “big” personality.  Also, Lola needs someone who is careful with her due to her previous injuries.

House training with Lola is getting better but Lola’s new family will have to be mindful to let her out frequently.  She is crate trained and does well in her crate at night.  

Overall, Lola is a lovebug who wants all of the attention.  She deserves a family who will love her for the beautiful, strong willed girl that she is.

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