Lou Lou has been adopted by a wonderful family. She and her new family are so thrilled they get to spend the holidays together. Lou Lou and the resident cat have grown quite smitten with each other and will lay tushie to tushie on top of their mama on the sofa. Lou Lou is being completely spoiled in her forever home and we couldn’t be more happy for her!

Lou Lou

Location: Central Virginia
Age: 7-8 years
Sex: Female/Spayed
Weight: 18 lbs
Kids: Yes, but older (ages 10+) dog savvy children
Cats: Yes
Other Dogs: Yes
Birds & Other Small Animals: No
Available As Of: 10/20/2018
Adoption Fee: $350

Lou Lou is a sweet, little girl that is estimated to be about 7-8 years old. Lou Lou came from California after being adopted by a lady who realized that with her new work schedule she could no longer devote the time to her that was needed. Before this owner adopted her, Lou Lou was part of a puppy mill surrender of many dogs. She had been poorly taken care of and came into the shelter with mange and needing to be spayed and have teeth pulled. She also had urine burns on her paws. Lou Lou had her teeth cleaned and some extracted and now she is ready to find her fur-ever home!!

Lou Lou is a pretty heathy gal. She requires weekly ear maintenance, Dasuquin daily due to her age, and a yearly dental cleaning. Other than this…all she needs is lots of love, some patience and a little exercise.

She loves to sleep but can also be a little mischievous devil. She loves to CHEWthat includes anything and everything from bar stools, clothes, bath rugs and toys. She also loves to shred cardboard!! Her favorite toys are bones and anything hard that she can chew. Despite her loving to chew on sometimes the wrong things, she is easily corrected.

Her play sessions usually are about 15-30 minutes and then she zonks out and loves to cuddle on the sofa. She only requires a short stroll but must be leashed as she does have a prey drive and will chase bunnies, squirrels, etc. She is mainly a couch potato with bursts of energy. Lou Lou is still learning her name…she does come to her foster mom but only her…it seems she thinks her name is pretty girl and good girl.

Lou Lou tends to get overly excited when you rub her belly and will open her mouth and make gasping noises and begin nibbling. For this reason, it is preferred that she only go to a home with older, dog savvy children. She doesn’t really love the crate, but she tolerates it. However, if the crate is NOT covered, she will yodel for hours! She prefers to be loose, but her chewing behavior has not warranted her to be left unsupervised yet. She gets a little nervous at the vet too and begins to whimper mainly because she wants to be involved in all the action.

Lou Lou is only partially housebroken. If Lou Lou is kept on a strict schedule, she does not potty in the house. She does go to the back door, but if her person does not get there fast enough, she will pee right there. Her foster home has bells hanging on the door; however, Lou Lou hasn’t figured them out. She loves to pee and poop in the wooded area of the yard because wellwhat girl doesnt like her privacy!! She seems to do better when she is allowed to stay with her humans; for example, she will not use the restroom if she sleeps in bed with you or she will wake you up and alert you that she needs to potty if sleeping in her crate.

This precious girl would do well in a home that has patience with hereverything is new to her and is a learning process for her right now. She loves to play and snuggle but needs comfort from her owners. She will need continued work on her potty training as she likely will have a setback when going to her new home. She would benefit from a doggy door and fenced yard where she can go when she wants. She does not require a stay-at-home pet parent or someone who is able to come home for a mid-day potty break, but wouldn’t mind the company either.

She will need monitoring of her earswith weekly ear cleanings a must. Her mange will need to be monitored as well because she cannot take certain medications due to this. She will require dental cleanings yearly as to help save the little bit of teeth she has left. Lou Lou is also beginning to show her age and arthritic symptoms so is given a daily arthritis medication (Dasuquin) to help relieve her symptoms. Other than these few issues, she is a perfect girl!

Lou Lou’s tongue always makes her foster momma smile. It is always sticking out which makes her absolutely adorable. She LOVES to be held and cuddled…she craves human touch!! Lou Lou gets very excited when feeding time comes and jumps around twirling! She is funny when she plays as she will throw toys in the air and then pounce. She also loves to roll in the grass!

Lou Lou is her foster moms favorite foster to date. She is a very gentle soul who just wants human companionship. She is eager to please but is still learning what life is all about. She deserves a new beginning that comes with unconditional love and a home where she will be treated as a queen for the rest of her life. Does she sound like the pup for you???? If so, be sure to apply!