Lover Boy was born on 1/14/2008 and is another “GA” frenchie. He is up-to-date on vaccinations and is an active, happy boy. Lover Boy came to the Village very itchy and with a pretty complex perineal hernia on the left side of his anus. The hernia has been there for a long time and is not bothering him currently. FBVillage is looking at all the options for improving this boy’s health.

Lover Boy is not a fan of having his toe nails clipped but has been fine with all other grooming. He is only partially housebroken, but is doing well learning appropriate potty habits. He is also doing well learning the other rules in his foster home.

Lover Boy loves being outside and he loves being with his foster siblings, 2 pugs and a bulldog. However, he does have a tendency to hump other dogs, including his bulldog sibling. His foster mom is hoping that this will diminish with training and since he is now neutered!

We are so happy to welcome Lover Boy to the Village family!