This time last year, 2017, we were blessed with a short story from Luke’s Mom and Dad.  We so enjoy hearing from our Alumni and Tom has sent additional pictures and a story about Luke and his adventures.
Luke (who was originally our Arnie for those of you that don’t know of the name change) was adopted from The French Bulldog Village Rescue in November 2015.  This is Luke’s new life story.
He moved to Tempe, Arizona, his forever home with Tom and Jennifer.  Luke immediately became a social media star with his goofy grin and sweet personality.  He was a scared, insecure little guy just coming off of major back surgery when Tom And Jennifer adopted him.  Luke originally had severe aggression and resource guarding issues.  They worked diligently with him the first year to make him feel more secure and happy.  “Luke trained us to separate him and his sister at feeding time and to be careful about leaving toys on the floor.  He is such a guard dog!  Our female, Leia, another rescue, is definitely the pack leader but Luke seems to appreciate strong women!  Lol.”
He had his first trip to the dog beach in San Diego in September 2017 and immediately took to the water and sand.  They were there for three days and Luke went back home happily exhausted.
His back is doing well; although, they do limit some of his activities to stop other dogs from jumping on him.  He loves to run and play and loves to herd the other dogs in the dog park.  He has put on some muscle and really filled out his hind quarter.  Luke loves everything he does especially when he plays “junkyard” dog and spends time with Tom working in the garage on old cars.
He loves his sister 99% of the time.  He loves his heated bed that is in a sunny spot.  He has the most welcoming smile and a personality that makes everyone want to pet him and love him.  There are still some behavioral issues but they have seen a drastic change in him.
Tom and Jennifer wanted to “Thank Us” again for all we do here at The Village, not only for Luke but all the other dogs too.  In closing, he said, “both of our kids are rescues and it makes it that much more special to know that we can give Luke a good home”.
There is a video of Luke on You Tube.  This is the link…