This is the story we received from Tom and Jennifer regarding our adoptee Luke.  When Luke was with us, his name was Arnie.  

In November 2015, Luke was adopted by Tom and Jennifer who live in Tempe, Arizona. 

“Luke (formerly Arnie), came to us a scared, insecure little guy just coming off major back surgery.  After he was with us for a bit and fully recovered from his surgery, severe aggression and resource guarding issues began to emerge. He was very possessive of his food and his favorite toys, growling at humans and dogs alike if you dare to even look his way. He would not even share his bed with his Frenchy big sister, Leia (much to her dismay).

We gave him his space and started him on strict training and a consistent regime that continues to this day. There were times when we questioned whether we could truly give Luke what he needed and if we were the right home for him after all. However, with the help of our most wonderful amazing and dedicated Vet and a healthy dose of patience, love and Prozac, we are happy to report that Luke has fully transformed into the inquisitive, sweet and loving Frenchy gentleman that we knew he always was deep down.

Every morning starts with a trip outside to go potty, then breakfast and then Luke and Leia conduct “Bully-Wrestlemania” on their favorite rug in the office where lots of  Frenchie snorts and games of “bitty-munchie-face” occur and can be heard throughout the house. 

Luke spends afternoons lounging on the patio in the Arizona shade and usually eventually wanders in to watch over his dad as he works from home. He was also a wonderful nurse as his dad recovered from ACL surgery recently.

Luke has become the most loving, affectionate and loyal member of our family and we couldn’t be happier that he decided to keep us. Life would not be the same without him.”  Tom and Jennifer, Luke and Leia

So what can we say after another alumni responds to our questions, “what are the alumni up to” and “how are they doing in their forever homes?” 

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