UPDATE 1/11/2018:

Luna is doing well in her foster home. While in foster care, Luna expelled a piece of rubber the size of a walnut. Her foster mom took her to the vet who induced vomiting and more pieces of rubber and other junk came up. She was kept overnight at the vet, observed, and supported with fluids. An x-ray and ultrasound showed no blockage. Obviously, Luna is a vacuum! She had eaten this stuff in her previous home and did not clear the one piece of rubber until arriving to her foster home. How scary! Luna’s obsession with drinking stopped as soon as her stomach was cleared of all the foreign material. Her foster mom has been diligently monitoring what is available to Luna so that she does not eat inappropriate things again.

She continues to be treated for her allergies/skin issues and ear infections. She is very tolerant of bathing and is given baths with Zymox Shampoo and Rinse. She will soon receive Cytopoint injections for her allergies. She is also getting medication for her ear infections.

Luna is partially housebroken. She has shown improvement since getting her stomach cleared and since her drinking has returned to normal. She sleeps through the night without accidents and when her foster mom takes her out and says “potty,” she will now go on command! Luna also knows the command “crate” and will get into her crate when given the command. Her leash walking is improving as well.

Luna eats in her crate to help deal with her food aggression. She is definitely more relaxed with eating now and when her foster mom opens the crate door, she can pick up Luna’s empty dish without her going after her. She is also starting to release her chew toys without growling. However, she still requires more training in this area.

Despite her issues with food aggression, Luna is a very sweet and responsive dog. She loves to be held and hugged. She is a bit of a Velcro dog! She and her doggie, foster sibling are enthralled with each other after a slow intro was performed. This little girl is quite the doll baby and deserves a family that will include her in everything!

Meet Luna!! Luna is 2.5 years old and weighs 23 pounds. Luna is very sweet but she does get nervous around new people. She suffers from allergies which are causing her to have a serious case of the itchies. As you can see from her photos, her allergies have resulted in hair loss and her ears are awful.

Luna had her first vet exam with FBV and for the most part, everything was good. She is heartworm negative, negative for worms and her blood work looked okay, except for high protein in her urine. Luna’s foster mom has noticed that she is always hungry and thirsty. She is monitoring her H2O intake but there were no results indicating diabetes. Her allergies are also being addressed and Luna will need to be spayed before being adopted.

Please watch for updates as we continue to evaluate Luna’s behavior and her medical needs!