“Meet Elsie! Elsie is a cute polka dotted young girl who unfortunately is incontinent. Her foster home is still in the process of assessing more details about her issue and we will keep everyone posted. Her foster Mom has Elsie wearing pants while in the house. This stylish apparel, coupled with a good quality diet and set schedule, has her Foster parents reporting that it’s not hard to manage Elsie’s condition. Besides, as you can see in the photo, Elsie’s little pants are adorable! With Elsie and other incontinent dogs, it’s a process to find what works best at managing their condition. Keeping dogs like Elsie to a schedule can be a big help. But the biggest thing for dogs like Elsie, is UNDERSTANDING. Their condition is not something that will likely ever change and as they have NO control over what happens, they should NEVER be punished for it.

Elsie was crated for very long hours in her previous home. With this in mind and with Elsie’s condition, we are looking for a home where her owners are present most of the day. A work from home parent would be ideal but not required. Elsie loves the attention of her people and we are in no position to deny her that. She deserves to have your devoted attention! Elsie enjoys snuggle time on the couch, head rubs, belly rubs, and will return the loving you give to her right back at you with many Frenchie kisses! She is also known to nibble your ear as a sign of affection and as her foster Mom says, is hands down the sweetest dog she’s ever met. Not only that, she’s also got one of the cutest snaggle tooth smiles around.

While couch time is a must, Elsie also enjoys her time outside. She doesn’t need to do much, just wander around smelling all the delightful things that the outside has to offer. If you have a fenced yard where Elsie can wander at her leisure (with your watchful eye of course) keep a look out for this girl as a possible addition to your home.  And if that’s not enough Elsie also loves car rides and walks! Can this girl get more perfect?

Elsie has shown to be skittish and will cower when you put her leash on or if she thinks you’re mad at her. She will need a peaceful environment with a gentle and positive owner to help rebuild her confidence. Elsie is a great girl and we are happy she’s in the care of the Village.”