Location: Missouri

Age: 3 yrs.

Sex: Female, Neutered

Weight: 17 lbs.

Kids: No

Cats: Unknown

Dogs: Yes

Adoption fee: $500

In the interest of full disclosure, we must tell you that Minis cuddling propensity has not subsided!! It is a must, and now a further complication has cropped up. She still has her two little protruding lower front teeth, and when she is licking your face, which she LOVES to do, these teeth might catch on your nose – and it HURTS! Be prepared! She is almost 100% house broken, having the occasional accident only because she usually makes no sound when going to the door. When she does make a sound it is not a regular bark, nor is it the frenchie yodel, and it is not loud! She still loves to play, with people and dogs. Little Mini wants her share of the attention and her foster mom has been making sure she gets it. Any new home should be prepared to spoil her in kind.

Also in the interest of full disclosure, she has two Grade 2 luxating patellas, and a screw tail that could required attention in the future.


FBV would like you to MEET MINI, a 3 year old blue french bulldog who has a severe cuddling problem, and yes, you did read it right, CUDDLING…more on this later….

Mini has some breathing problems too, much as other Frenchies surrendered to the Village do, and needs nare and palate surgery.  Mini’s foster mom says she’s a delight to have around.  Even with her restricted breathing, she loves everyone she’s ever met, and that love is returned by all.  At the vet clinic she drew a crowd of admirers, and nothing would have made her happier than to be cuddled by each and every one of them.   She’s made friends with others at her foster home, dogs, and even the resident mini-pigs are included in her posse.  What a sweet, sweet girl.

Mini missed her original surgery date as she developed a URI the day before.  The vet is very concerned about her condition, not because of the URI, but because her airway is so blocked.  In addition to antibiotics she is on Pepcid and Aminophyline.  The Aminopyline is to open up her bronchi to allow her system to admit more air.  The vet is concerned about how her body will react to the sudden increase in oxygen after the surgery.   So, she’s on these meds for about two weeks and she’ll be ready for surgery the first week of May.

Mini likes to sleep a bit much -hopefully this will change after surgery.  She will quickly claim any available pillow as her own, to nap away on any soft surface she can find. When her foster mom is sorting laundry each pile must be tested and napped upon before it is carted down to the basement and loaded in the washer.  What a sweet little girl she is to have around.

Mini’s foster mom did want to mention the CUDDLING  problem however, and tells it like this,  “Mini must have her morning cuddles, or all bets are off. Upon her arrival here, when I tried to take her out first thing in the morning to piddle, (as we all know, this is the most important thing to do in the morning right?)  WRONG!   Mini would not go outside until she had been picked up, cuddled and kissed, and  LAVISHED with compliments such as ‘who’s the prettiest girl ever’, ‘who’s Mommy’s best bulldog?’ and the like.  VOILA’  Miss Mini can then be put on the ground to do her business.  YUP, she is a true princess!”

Wasn’t it nice to MEET MINI

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