It’s our absolute pleasure to introduce you to the one of the most unique and cutest Frenchies we’ve seen in a long time. Meet Oliver!

Oliver was surrendered by his previous owner when they could no longer find the time to care for him. A baby in the household meant that Oliver was no longer deemed the priority he once was. Unfortunately, due to this, his health suffered. Oliver was basically one big scabbing oozing mess. We’ve attached his intake photos, and as painful as they are to look at, it’s a reminder that these dogs require TLC and upkeep; if left unchecked it can lead to major issues. It’s our pleasure to also attach more recent photos showing the progress Oliver’s foster Mommy has made with him. It’s obvious that he feels so much better and it’s evident in his overall demeanor. He’s much more playful and engaged in his surroundings.

Oliver will continue to receive specialized treatment for his skin and ears and once it clears up, he will be heading straight away to the vet get neutered! We are a little concerned that once he loses those assets that his big old head might make him a little top heavy but we think he’ll be able to get used to it. Oliver has worried his Momma a bit because she’s noticed that he has more than the normal occurrences of vomiting, many times it’s due to an exciting event. Because of this we will be having Oliver’s soft palette evaluated to see if these issues are from an elongated soft palette or other brachy related traits or something else like acid reflux. One thing that is for certain is that we will get to the bottom of it!

While we are discussing Oliver’s medical issues, we wanted to also address Oliver’s unusual noggin and overall body structure. While Oliver can be a strange little guy (which we contribute mostly to his raging hormones, earning him many nicknames related to humping), he’s not showing any neurological deficits indicative of a serious case of hydrocephalus. If Oliver does in fact have hydro it’s at the point where it’s established and it’s not affecting his quality of life. So rest easy any of our worried followers, he’s doing just fine! Oliver would like us to think that it’s because he’s so full of smarts, but based on his lack of ability to answer Jeopardy questions correctly we tend to disagree.

So let’s get onto the fun stuff and talk about personality, of which Oliver has quite a bit of!!! We call him the King of Tolerance, this boy tolerates medicated baths, medicated powderings, face wipings, ear cleaning, nail trimming, blood draws….you name it- he tolerates it!! Oliver brings smiles to anyone he meets, he’s an itty bitty guy and even with his lawnmower haircut, people think he is about the cutest thing ever. Oliver gets along with other dogs, he’s happy to let them be the boss and those alpha females seem to scare him a bit! He’s a lover, not a fighter girls! It’s probably all that “loving” that he attempts to force on the gals that winds him up on the downside of their attentions and that will be handled soon enough with his neuter. Oliver is also good with cats and while he came from a house with a baby and we think he’d be fine with kids, we want to evaluate this further. Oh! And as evidenced by the photo in his profile, he really loves to help fold laundry.