Mia (Brindle) & Zoey (Brindle Pied)

Location: Miami, FL
Age: Both are 5 years
Sex: Females/Spayed
Weight: Mia is 18 lbs; Zoey is 15 lbs
Kids: Yes, but only older children
Cats: Yes, with slow introductions
Birds: No
Available As Of: 10/17/2016
Adoption Fee: $1000 for the pair

Are you ready to double your fun? If so we have an insta-Frenchie family that will be perfect for you! Mia and Zoey found their way into the Village after their current owner realized that they did not have the income to properly care for them. They were very loved and we do believe that their owner made the very best choice and kept the girls’ wellbeing a priority.

These girls are used to having a fenced yard, so we want to offer that for them in their forever home as well. They do well with other dogs, large and small. We’d love for them to go to a family with other dogs but that will not be a requirement. They’ve been around cats but this was after a slow introduction period, so if you have kitties, plan on making introductions on a very SLOW basis.

Both girls are pretty healthy, however they both suffer from allergies. Zoe has a known severe egg allergy and seems to be more susceptive to environmental changes than her sister. The heat and sun also seem to aggravate this. Mia has issues with allergies but as we mentioned they do seem to be of the milder variety. Benadryl and a grain free diet seem to keep things in check for both but flare ups should be expected and handled appropriately. A family with a history of experience with allergies in canines will be given preference.

At the mention of the grain free diet, it reminds us that these girls are very smart and seem to know how to get ahold of food whenever they are at. Close monitoring to make sure they don’t eat something they aren’t supposed to is necessary. Speaking of food…Mia and Zoey are food aggressive. The good thing is that it is easily managed. The girls get along wonderfully with each other, in fact if one is separated from the other, they will get upset. Unfortunately that harmony ceases when it’s feeding time! Feeding time can bring on the full out girl fight with fur flying so it is a MUST that these girls are fed separately.

As with any of our dogs, we do prefer owners that have short nosed breed experience. Both Mia and Zoey are good breathers, however Mia has a more snubbed face which means she is more prone to overheating or breathing issues than her sister. Mia is also the mischief maker and is the more dominant of the two. She’s also very active and enjoys her strolls around the neighborhood. Zoey is an all- around happy camper and requires more human attention than Mia. It will be likely that Zoey will stay close to her sister at first but then she will become very attached to her human and actively seek out their attention. Zoey also enjoys her strolls around the neighborhood and could probably even do more than one! Both girls enjoy playing with each other and toys, they like ropes and little balls that they can bite into. With any rope toy close supervision is necessary. The girls have not shown any propensity to destroy their toys so they are allowed this item.

Mia and Zoey are housetrained but must be let out very often or you will find accidents on the carpet. Frenchies times 2 means that you might have to deal with twice the mess. Making a lot of trips outside for potty breaks will lessen the chances of this happening. It would be easier for them and the new owner if they had someone that was home the majority of the day. Having someone at home the majority of the day would be good for the girls because they also don’t like to be left alone. While they have each other for company, they do need that human presence and they’ve lived a life where they’ve been used to having someone around.

These two girls are some of the happiest and well-adjusted Frenchies we’ve seen. They are ready to go wherever you go and it’s a guarantee that they will bring much joy to the person that has the pleasure to adopt them.

Check out this adorable video of the girls!

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