Today, we not only have an update of one dog that was rescued from the FRENCH BULLDOG VILLAGE RESCUE, we have an update on two that were rescued by one family.

Zoey and Mia were rescued in March, 2017. They were surrendered because they were just not getting the attention they needed. The previous owner had passed away and they were given to a family friend. The friend’s family couldn’t fit them into their budget since they had horses and other pets of their own. They did what they believed was best for these two girls. That was to get them to us.

Fast forward and this is the happy story of these two girls two months after they were adopted. Mia and Zoey are generally very energetic, happy dogs. They both get super excited about going for a car ride. Mia loves to roll around in the yard. They both love sprinting across the yard to do their business. Inside, they like playing with their toys. They also love to groom each other by licking each other’s head, face and eyes. As for treats, Zoey and Mia go crazy for bananas.

When they were adopted, Zoey had allergy issues. When she first arrived at her forever home, she had an outbreak. Since then there have been no issues with allergies. Their new family is extremely careful about what they feed these adorable girls.

In the picture attached, Zoey is the pied and Mia is the brindle.

We couldn’t be happier for our alums of the FRENCH BULLDOG VILLAGE.