Minnie in Virginia– ON MEDICAL HOLD

UPDATE 3/27/2019:

Minnie currently has elevated liver levels and will be on Denamarin for 6 more weeks to try to lower her levels. Her gait also continues to worsen. She has begun losing her balance and falling whenever she moves faster than a slow walk. After addressing her liver levels, we will approach the issues that she has with her back/knees which may require surgery.

Let's all welcome Minnie to the Village!!! Minnie is an adorable 1 and a half year old girl who came to the village with luxating patellas, ataxia in her back legs, and an umbilical hernia. Despite her ailments, Minnie is sweet, playful and lovable. Like her foster sister, she loves to chew bones and aside from some mild toy aggression, gets along with her foster brother and sister perfectly. Minnie is pad trained, but is picking up outside training quickly. She is scheduled to undergo a spay and repair of her hernia next week, but she will do fine! This girl is a trooper!