From FBV's President:

"Moon's Story"

When our Intake Coordinator, Katie, calls me and says we have a possible puppy my heart grows heavy, because who would give up a puppy unless there was a serious problem!!

As she read through the issues, I felt this was a puppy we may not be able to save, but at least he would be loved before he got wings.

Katie then sent me a video of the little man and I realized something. This boy wanted to live!

11 weeks old, being given up because care cost more money than the owners could afford. He was hydrocephalic with his eyes literally bugging out of his head, he wobbled when he walked and you had to wonder if he was really “in” there, and then the video....he was pushing grown dogs under the furniture as if they were sheep. He had strength of spirit...we had to give him the chance!

So, he became a Villager and since he had no name and he suffered from the same problems as our “mascot” Ollie we called him Moon.

Moon went straight to a vet who felt he really needed to be seen by a neurologist....and so that was his second visit.  The Dr. wanted an MRI to see what was going on in that huge moon shaped head. My question was could he survive it; the Dr. said yes he would!

And yes, he did.

The MRI showed us a fractured skull with brain oozing out and the bone trying to close over it. He was found to have an infection and was immediately put on antibiotics which started working directly!

Moon was on his way!

The neurologist did a shunt surgery, placing the shunt to drain fluid from his head cavity and what a difference it made!! His head got smaller and his eyes bugged less!

To our amazement he kept getting stronger and stronger and finally the day came when we felt he could go to his forever home.

Since his condition is seriously guarded and he tips on the precipice of health, we thought that he would best stay with his foster family, and so Moon is HOME!

We will follow his adventures as he progresses.  For Moon and for the Village this has been a rousing success!!!

All we ever wish for our dogs is that they move from our care to a place of their very own, and to live their lives in love and joy!

And for Moon this is now his life!