Location: South East PA

Age: 3 yrs

Sex: Male, neutered

Weight: 25#

Kids: NO

Cats: NO

Dogs: Yes

Adoption fee: $600

Moose came into the rescue after biting the toddler in the home. In Moose’s defense the toddler fell on him before the bite occurred. However the bite did happen, it required stitches and it must be disclosed. That being said we want Moose to thrive and his next home to be his forever home. The best way to do that is to not put Moose in a similar situation like he was before. He will need to be a in a calm and predictable environment and let’s face it, most homes with children aren’t that way! So Moose will not be adopted to households with young children or households with frequent children visitors. This is the best way to keep everyone safe.

Moose is an anxious dog, because of this he requires a lot of exercise which means serious walking. He currently gets up to three walks a day and he loves to prance about the neighborhood. Moose walks well on leash but he still needs you to provide him with direction.  He’s learning and doing wonderful with his leash skills…he just needs some polishing. One challenge with these frequent walks is the summer heat. Frenchies in general don’t do well in heat and Moose has had problems overheating in the past. This means that he is more vulnerable to heat and MUST be watched carefully. You will be the one to keep him safe as he doesn’t have enough sense to stop on his own! This means that you will need to be prepared to wake up early or commit to late night walks to meet Moose’s needs during the hot months.  He desperately needs his exercise to get rid of those nervous nellies so this is not something that can be overlooked. Getting creative with his exercise, perhaps supervised swimming with a life jacket could be another option? Winter brings its own challenges weather wise but adding a jacket and booties could solve that problem easily. Make sure to tell us how you can meet this requirement in your application!

Moose is a very good dog but he does takes time to warm up to you. This should not be mistaken in that he is withdrawn or not focused on you. It just takes time for him to learn to trust. The walks we mentioned earlier will help strengthen this bond with you and Moose. Once Moose is warmed up, you will find he is a total ham and our foster remarks that he is one of the sweetest and most affectionate Frenchies they’ve fostered. Rules, boundaries and routines will help this boy thrive and become the balanced loving dog he truly is. We also think that enrolling Moose in a basic obedience class would go a long way in helping this boy build his confidence and ease some of the anxiety he shows. Moose has learned the commands of Sit and Come! Being there with Moose will be the biggest help, if you are away from home more than not, Moose is not the right dog for you.

Moose is a good eater and has no food aggression with people or other dogs. He has no chewing or destructive tendencies AND he is 100% potty trained. He is also create trained but prefers not being crated. Some of his favorite things to do are playing ball and snuggling with his humans in bed. We’d love his new home to consider allowing him to sleep in the human bed, he just enjoys it so much it would break our hearts to deny him this. He enjoys plain old Milkbones and really enjoys a good chew on his Y-shaped Nylabones. I don’t believe you could ask for an easier going guy when it comes to treats! As you might have inferred from his ability to eat Milkbones….Moose does not have any special allergy or food requirements. A high quality grain free diet is all he needs to keep him looking and feeling his very best.

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