Moose came into the rescue after biting the toddler in the home. In Moose’s defense, the toddler fell on him before the bite occurred. However the bite did happen, it required stitches and it must be disclosed. That being said we want Moose to thrive and his next home to be his forever home. The best way to do that is to not put Moose in a similar situation like he was before. He will need to be in a calm and predictable environment, and let’s face it, most homes with children aren’t that way! So Moose will not be adopted to households with young children or households with frequent children visitors. This is the best way to keep everyone safe.

Now that we have that out of the way let’s talk about what a good dog Moose is. He has a great disposition overall and walks excellently on a leash. Multiple walks really seem to help Moose release some of his pent up energies and they really relax him. Care should be given that Moose is only walked when the weather is cool as he had past experiences of overheating and passing out in his previous home. Really this rule should apply to any dog but Frenchies (a brachycephalic breed) are especially vulnerable to heat AND humidity and extra care is warranted.

Moose is a good eater and has no food aggression to people or other dogs. He has no chewing or destructive tendencies AND he is 100% potty trained. Can you believe that?? Moose is settling in with his foster family and their routine but so far he’s seems to be a fairly easy going guy. He loves playing ball and is content to go to bed at night. He does enjoy sleeping with his people so we’d like his new home to consider allowing him this perk as well.

Moose’s foster family is continuing to work with him on his behavior. He knows no commands so he is learning same. We think that this will help build his confidence and ease some of the skittishness and anxiety we’ve seen him exhibit. Moose is a dog that does best with a consistent routine.

Moose will not be placed in a home with cats.