What can we say about this little guy? Our Alumnus, Moose, is now known as MURPH.  MURPH was adopted on September 11, 2016. Imagine, that date was HIS LUCKY DAY.  Not only that, but MURPH is lucky, as he gets to live in New York City, New York.
When asked about what the husband and wife knew about French bulldogs, one of their answers was “they have a huge personality and lots of character.”  The next answer they gave was “they love their humans.” Does this describe the personality of a French bulldog? You bet!
Recently, when contacted, his mom told us this, “MURPH (our Moose) is doing well. There are no medical problems. He does have problems socializing with other dogs but we are managing that just fine.”
MURPH lives in an apartment building with lots of other French bulldogs. Imagine how much he is loving life after his rough start.