Hi. I wanted to share an update on Miss French. We adopted our pied princess from the French Bulldog Village in May 2014 and christened her Mabeline. She joined our pack of three canine sisters, two pugs and another frenchie.
Over the past seven months Maybeline has experienced a lot, including a scratched cornea, a vacation at the beach, a newly discovered love for watermelon, the realization that she does not like eggs, a daily half hour jog with mom and sister Frenchie sister Ruby, and a month long visit from her Frenchie cousin Moonpie.

We have discovered that she sneezes when you lay her on her back, you better bring extra “poop bags” on the morning job cause she might go twice, the chew bone IS coming with her to bed, and she is daddy’s girl. We sometimes call her “Sally Stink Eye” ’cause no one gives the side-eye like Mabeline! We’re still working on accidents in the house, but that has improved significantly. She is looking forward to spending her first Christmas at her Grandmama’s in Tennessee.

We’d like to thank her wonderful foster home. Mabeline has brought so much joy to our lives.