UPDATE: 5/29/13 10:01 CST:  Noorie is in surgery right now. Our FABULOUS volunteer loved on her last night and scheduled surgery for 10am this morning. It was going to be a 2 hour surgery to repair a huge inguinal hernia. We are waiting for an update and hoping for good news. It is fixable–but is major surgery and we will not know the extent of the intestinal damage until the surgery is complete. Keep Noorie in your thoughts today.


Please consider donating to help cover the costs of Noorie’s care.  Little Miss Noorie was brought into a Kentucky Animal Control shelter by someone who said that Noorie roamed into their back yard with her sister. Both Noorie and her sister were intact and obviously used for breeding. Noorie’s sister was healthy and was pulled into a rescue, but Noorie was left behind because of her uncertain medical needs. She spent days alone and scared without her sister, sitting in the Animal Control shelter cage, with a huge tumor on her tummy – and no real medical attention. Someone was interested in adopting her, until they saw her tumor – and then they quickly walked away.  French Bulldog Village went to work to bring this girl into our care. Noorie is an 8 year old senior girl. She is brindle pied. In spite of how she has been treated in life, she LOVES people. When our FBV volunteer went to pick her up, she beamed with happiness. She will be seeing a vet in the morning to see what the growth on her tummy is. She needs the help of the Village. Will you please consider donating to this girl’s care?  We need to show this little girl that she is not alone… and that she will be loved and cared for from this point forward.



 Please Help Noorie!


Thank you to the following Sponsors:


  • Karen Bringol: For Noorie! You remind me so much of my Lovey.
  • Felicia Comer – Noorie’s surgery
  • M Sanchez
  • Phyllis Cassella
  • Ximena Olivares
  • Stefanie Johnson: For Noorie! Thanks for taking her in when another rescue turned her away.  This is what rescue is all about…. Helping the ones who really need it! Wish it could be more, but I hope it helps!
  • Melissa Radford
  • Charlotte DeConcilio: I will always be there for all the wonderful Frenchies Please give me updates.
  • Wendy Harrington: To help Noorie!!
  • Debbie Capps: For Noorie xoxo; my heart breaks that she was separated from her sister, but I know she’s in good hands now. Such a sweet face