This is a story about our rescue dog, Olive.  She was brought into our rescue group because her original owner said she was “aggressive.”  With the help of one of our foster moms, Karen, Olive went to her forever home perfectly fine.  All it took was a couple of corrections that Karen showed her.
Recently, we heard from Olive’s new mama and this is a summary of what she had to say:
“This is the tale of the beautiful French Bulldog named Olive.  She didn’t have the happiest of stories before I was blessed to have her.  Suffice to say she was a last chance rescue.  I adopted Olive in 2010. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for seeing to it that we have been able to share our lives together.  Olive is the sweetest, most wise, loving, affectionate girl.  She never required any training at all.  She just walked right in and joined the existing pack as though she has always been a part of them.  She has helped me with every aspect of my life since that day. 
She loves to cuddle with me, whenever possible, and the feeling is quite mutual.  All of my dogs sleep with me but Olive is especially comforting when she spoons me and puts her arm over me.  Olive snores which has become music to my ears and many mornings she will kiss me awake.  
I have always had chihuahuas and she loves them.  She’s gentle but firm with them.  When they want to play she hits the floor with a thud and rolls onto her back so that they can run around her and jump over her while she talks and bats gently at them with her paws.  It is tremendously endearing. 
Olive loves all people but has no interest in other dogs other than the ones in her pack.  She has adjusted with ease to any move knowing that her stuff, her pack and her mama are a constant.  She is a joy and a delight.
Olive loves a piece of cheese or a liver treat.  She loves her spa day when I pamper here in the tub and towel dry her vigorously.  Afterwards she grabs her nylabone, runs around the house talking and doing zoomies.  Olive, like all Frenchies, has two speeds.  Sauntering and full steam ahead.
To me happiness is definitely a Frenchie named Olive.❤️❤️❤️
We are so grateful to have heard from Michele.  It has been eight years since Olive was adopted and we are thrilled to hear about how wonderfully she is doing.  Who says you can’t change an aggressive dog?  All it takes is lots of love, some corrections and two wonderful women who cared about this little gem.