Olive was surrendered to FBV because her previous owners no longer trusted her around their child and with a 2nd child on the way within days …it was just too much for them to handle. Olive is a petite little thing with one of the worst backs we’ve seen in rescue (and let’s face it Frenchie backs aren’t all that great to begin with). She had surgery done in late 2014 for a ruptured disk and since this surgery had developing irritability / aggression issues. Her previous owners sought the help of a behaviorist who believed that this change in attitude is from pain from her sensitive back. Our first priority was to get Olive to the vet and get her evaluated. At this point we are trying a medical route rather than surgical to get her pain under control. Further surgery just doesn’t appear to the right fix in this case. Her foster Mom reports she is very sweet and tolerates her carrying her up and down the stairs without issue. As these two are still getting to know each other, we will have more news to report as their time together progresses.