Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Age: 5

Sex: Female, spayed

Weight: 21#

Kids: older/dog savvy

Cats: Not tested, not recommended

Dogs: Yes

Adoption fee: $600

It’s time for one of our Olives to leave the jar.

Olive came into rescue with the same reason so many of our dogs have, in that their owners no longer have time for them. While we can’t imagine how upsetting this is for a dog like Olive, to lose everything they know, we are relieved that these families turn to rescue for help. We are even more relieved that they came to the Village, an all French Bulldog rescue, for assistance. We know this breed like the back of our hands and are in the best position to provide the special care they need.

Olive is 5 years old, that perfect age where she still has that puppy spunk but is settled down enough to not drive you completely crazy. Olive is crate trained (prefers not to be though!), potty trained, and knows both the “leave it”, “sit” and “come” commands. She is good with most situations and people but has shown some dislike in her previous home with female dogs. Her current foster family has not reported any issues with this but they lead a very well balanced pack and are extremely well versed in dog behavior. Our guess is that structure has provided Olive with what she needs and she doesn’t feel the need to act out for attention.

Olive really enjoys chewing on her Nyla-bones and can keep herself entertained with these for quite some time. She’s been around toys but her foster family has not seen her play with them. Olive can be a little rough in her play with other dogs, but she’s improving. It’s suspecting that overly rough play was allowed in her past and it’s just something she will need to continue to work on. Close monitoring will be needed to make sure she doesn’t get out of hand.

From a medical perspective Olive is doing pretty well, she appears to have occasional incontinence and the typical Frenchie allergies. She is housebroken but initially can be a submissive “pee’r”. It’s best to introduce her to new people once she’s been outside to potty first or do those introductions on an easy to clean floor. Her foster family takes her out 5 times per day to potty and this schedule will need to be kept in her new home to insure her continued success with housetraining. Because of how often she needs let out it’s preferred that she’s placed with someone that’s home all day or has access to a pet sitter or could take Olive to work. It’s not a requirement but preference will be given to those families that can provide this.

As mentioned, Olive does have minor allergies, these are currently under control with a high quality grain free diet with no chicken protein. To lessen flare ups it’s advised to keep Olive on this same diet in her new home.
Olive’s foster parents report that she is a happy girl, who enjoys her snuggles and attention and is an adorable love bug who is not demanding. She delights in being with her people, preferably on their lap, but is just as happy cuddled up alongside. She has a tendency to turn her Frenchie snorts into purrs when she’s being petted! She’s content to entertain herself when you’re busy, and then politely look at you with her make-you-melt eyes to let you know she’s available to cuddle when you are ready. They say it may not be polite to call a dog “easy” but with a little attention and love from you, Olive will be all yours, heart and soul.

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