Olive was adopted from the FRENCH BULLDOG VILLAGE in 2016. The last update we had from her family was in July of that year.  They were thrilled to share the following with us now:

“Thank you for checking in on us!  Olive is doing great and is well-adjusted to our home. Shortly after she arrived, we got a new couch; she is sure that we bought this for her. 😊

Olive’s health is good, but she continues to struggle with allergies. She is being treated daily with apoquel and is on a grain free, lentil and lamb diet.  We keep a close eye on her ears and allergies with the help of our veterinarian. All in all the itch is managed well!

Olive enjoys a good snuggle each night and a hike with us when the sun is shining and the weather is warm. She is NOT fond of the cold and will make sure we know when it is too cold for a walk, promptly walking back to the house or the car.

Thank you for rescuing her and bringing her to us. We really enjoy her company, and she seems to like us OK too😊.”