Meet Oscar, he’s a smaller boy at 21-22 pounds but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in personality. In some ways this is great in other ways not so much. So he’s with one our very experienced fosters getting a tune up!

Oscar was born on October 25, 2014 which makes him a younger Frenchie. He was surrendered to our rescue due to behavioral issues. He was showing possessive behavior in his previous home towards his owner. With a new baby in the household, this was worrisome and the family didn’t want to take a chance of anyone getting hurt.

Since he’s been in foster care, his foster home has learned a lot about him. They contribute most of his issues to be anxiety and stress related rather than true aggression. After much thought, Oscar has been placed on Zoloft and is showing extreme improvement. He’s still a handful when it comes to nails and ear cleaning! Speaking of ears, you’ll notice a picture of Oscar in the “cone of shame.” This was after an emergency consult on what appeared to be a hematoma or cyst. Rest assured that he’s since healed up and feeling much better!

As we continue to get to know Oscar better we will keep you updated on his progress!