UPDATE 8/31/2017:

Oscar was moved a month ago to a new foster home in Ohio. He has settled into his new foster home very well. He’s a sweet boy that loves nothing more than to plop down on his person’s lap and cuddle. Overall, he is a smart and well behaved boy. He does great in a crate while his foster mom is away and even when she sleeps at night. He walks right into the crate when offered a treat, too. His foster mom does have to remove his bed immediately after he exits the crate because he is obsessed with jumping his bed. Luckily, that’s the only item of his affection.

Oscar has an extremely high prey drive and wants to hunt every animal he sees or hears. He follows several commands: sit, shake, stay, drop it, and come. He has been working on leash manners, but he still pulls a lot when walking on leash.

If it’s just Oscar and his foster mom at home, he is very content and happy to do his own thing most of the time. There were a few times, though, when he seemed to be overly anxious and didn’t know what to do with himself, pacing the house and whining. When company comes over, he demands a lot of attention fixating on them at all times and waiting for them to pet him. As long as constant attention is given, there aren’t any issues. He will sit and stare, jump on people, and bark when someone isn’t paying attention to him. He will also bark if two people are having too much fun and he feels left out.

Oscar has also rammed into the back of his foster grandma’s legs when she wasn’t looking and peed outside the bathroom door when someone was in there. That is the only so-called accident he has had to this day and his foster mom is certain that it was a behavioral issue more than anything else. Since it’s not at all reasonable or acceptable to have company tend to him every second, his foster mom has been working on correcting him when he acts up. For the most part, he does listen; he just requires a lot of reminders. His foster mom did resort one time to putting him on a leash for a while when his foster grandma was visiting. The vet changed his medications to Prozac 10mg once daily and Trazadone 50mg when needed if company is over or in the event that he seems to be extra anxious.

His foster mom hasn’t seen any issues with the luxating patella on his right back leg or with his back. He never seems to be in any pain so that is definitely a positive. We are all looking forward to seeing the progress that Oscar will continue to make as he becomes more comfortable in his foster home.


Meet Oscar, he’s a smaller boy at 21-22 pounds but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in personality. In some ways this is great in other ways not so much. So he’s with one our very experienced fosters getting a tune up!

Oscar was born on October 25, 2014 which makes him a younger Frenchie. He was surrendered to our rescue due to behavioral issues. He was showing possessive behavior in his previous home towards his owner. With a new baby in the household, this was worrisome and the family didn’t want to take a chance of anyone getting hurt.

Since he’s been in foster care, his foster home has learned a lot about him. They contribute most of his issues to be anxiety and stress related rather than true aggression. After much thought, Oscar has been placed on Zoloft and is showing extreme improvement. He’s still a handful when it comes to nails and ear cleaning! Speaking of ears, you’ll notice a picture of Oscar in the “cone of shame.” This was after an emergency consult on what appeared to be a hematoma or cyst. Rest assured that he’s since healed up and feeling much better!

As we continue to get to know Oscar better we will keep you updated on his progress!