**Oskar is not yet ready for adoption. He is still healing from infections and needs to be neutered. He will only be available for adoption when he has been moved to “Our Available Dogs” page.**

Please give a shout out to little man, Oskar. Oskar is 5 months old and is an absolute sweetheart. He was surrendered due to the lack of time his previous family had to provide for a puppy. Oskar is being fostered in Georgia and is suffering from an intestinal infection caused from hookworms. He currently is experiencing frequent diarrhea from the infection and is receiving medication daily to help him heal. He is also being treated for an ear infection.

Despite being sick, Oskar loves to play with stuffed toys and squeaky balls. He also loves to nap and will snuggle in tightly next to you!!! He gets along with other dogs and children, but we are not sure how he would be around cats as he has never been around any kitties. Oskar is scheduled to be neutered in October. For now, he will be residing with his wonderful foster home until he has healed from his infection and until he has been neutered.

We are so happy to have welcomed Oskar to the FBV family! Please stay tuned for further updates on Oskar’s progress in foster care!