Separation Anxiety / Marking
Location: MA

Age: 8

Sex: Male/Neutered

Weight: 17lbs

Kids: Good w/kids 10yr+

Cats: Unknown

Dogs: Good w/ Dogs

Available As Of: 4/4/14

Adoption fee: $300


Also known as the OttoMatic is doing wonderful. He had his urinalysis recheck and it came back inconclusive which really just means he needs another test which the vet says is very common and also means he has no large crystals for sure! The recheck will occur this week and we’ll have the Results to you ASAP! He has started to show slight signs of seasonal allergies but is responding very well to Claritin and topical care (foot bathing).

otto3Otto does well with dog savvy kids and loves lap time. He does like to chase so skittish cats may not be a good match for this guy but an older and wiser dog savy cat who stands their ground may be just fine.

And of course he is enjoying his second favorite past time next to lap love – playing with balls!!

Otto has made it to the available page! This little guy is an itsy bitsy Frenchton. He may look mostly Boston Terrier, until you see those Frenchie ears and beautiful smile. Otto may be a graying gentleman, but don’t let that fool you – he still has the energy to keep you on your feet. He loves to play with his tennis balls, chew on his Nylabones and he thinks car rides are the bees knees. When it’s time for a nap, expect this guy to snuggle up and warm your lap. He is a pro snuggler.

Little Otto does suffer from separation anxiety and his new home will need to work with him to help him understand that he isn’t being ignored or left behind. When Otto is under extreme stress he has shown marking behavior. This behavior appears to greatly diminish when he settles in and understands his routine and is no longer afraid of being abandoned or ignored. Additionally, tests have shown that this little guy has crystals in his urine. This may be a sign of bladder/kidney stones. However the vet thinks that in Otto’s case, the crystals were caused by a PH imbalance. He is currently undergoing a diet change and he will have a re-check in 3 weeks. Applications are being accepted for his forever home and he can be placed as soon as his re-check is clear or if the forever home agrees to follow up with their veterinarian to assure the crystals have dissipated. Otherwise, Otto is a happy healthy guy who is neutered and up to date on all his vaccinations. He even had a full dental earlier this year.

Otto enjoys the company of dogs and has been homed with small and extra-large dogs. Otto will stand up for himself. He doesn’t start any trouble and he will walk away from an altercation if he has an escape route. If he is cornered, he will not back down, though he is called off easily with verbal commands.

Otto can be found in the great Bay State, so if this little guy is the perfect fit for your family, pack your bags and be prepared to visit Massachusetts as Otto will not be shipped.

If you are interested in applying for Otto please visit our adoption process page and click the “Apply” link below to fill out an online application.

Otto’s adoption is the processing stage.

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