We contacted Rose and Sabine to see how Daisy is doing.

Daisy was surrendered by her original owner at the age of three months. The owner could no longer take care of her. Imagine how lucky Daisy was when Rose and Sabine showed up in August 2016 to adopt her.

This is what they have to say about Daisy today:

“Sabine and I feel blessed to have been chosen as Daisy’s  forever family. Not to mention her sisters Ellie the  French bulldog and Lucy the pug.

The other day we celebrated Daisy’s first birthday. They all got new toys and balls. Of course, they spent more time checking out each other’s to make sure no one got anything better than the other.

Daisy is a typical happy, crazy, one-year-old puppy. She loves to do zoomies in the yard, down the hallway and sometimes across my head. She loves to chase her tennis balls, and at least once a day, it is WWE in the living room or backyard, usually with Lucy and Ellie. Gently, of course. Daisy loves to snuggle under the blankets and has to smash right up against Sabine and Lucy.

She is a great addition to this crazy clan we are. As you can see, Lucy is particularly happy Daisy is here.”

The village is happy to know that Daisy is loved and very well cared for!