I adopted Paris in 2008 from the FBV.  I picked her up at the Oklahoma airport in April 2009, where I had flown in from California where I live.   Paris is a wonderful, sweet and funny dog.  I live alone, so she has become a close companion.  She is living the city life, though it is a small university town really.  I do volunteer work in my community with seniors, and Paris comes with me when it is welcomed by my senior friend.  Most are very happy to have her visit with me.

We’ve been doing this for 5 1/2 years, and at 9 1/2,  Paris is still the young girl she was the day I met her.   She has had some health problems though, an emergency back surgery and  soft palate surgery TWICE.   She is now on soft food.   She has occasional skin infections that we treat. Through it all, she’s remained such a happy dog;  a’Happy Dawg” as I call her.

We have our Facebook page, Terry and Paris, (or Terry Hell) where she has many French Bulldog friends.  A few months after I got her, I decided to start a French Bulldog meetup where we can meet with other Frenchies and their people and have a good time together.  Paris loves it.

Paris is my little love and I will always cherish her.  She has been such a blessing to me.