Location: Mesa, Arizona

Age: 3 years

Date of Birth: Unknown

Sex: Female/spayed

Weight: 16 pounds

Kids: Yes, but not very young children

Cats: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Available As Of: 10/13/2016

Adoption Fee: $500

Peaches was surrendered to our rescue by a Good Samaritan. She intervened when she saw that Peaches was living outside 24 hours a day 7 days a week in 115 degree Arizona heat. It’s truly amazing that Peaches survived. Luckily she found her way into our rescue and we’ve spent the last few weeks getting her healthy and up to speed on what it’s like to be a spoiled Frenchie!

Peaches was suffering from a skin infection upon arrival and was loaded with fleas and ticks. We are happy to say that she is in wonderful condition now and those days are a distant memory. Like many Frenchies, Peaches has allergies. For this girl, it means a high quality, grain free fish and pea protein diet to lessen flare ups. It would be wonderful to find a home that already has experience managing allergies in dogs. At the mention of Peaches diet, it does remind us that we need to disclose that she can be snappy around food. We attribute this to her not having enough to eat in her previous life. She should be fed separately from other dogs and should be monitored whenever food or treats are out. It’s possible that this aggression could lessen with time but it’s best to be safe rather than sorry and manage the situation appropriately from the get go.

Due to lack of proper care and diet in the beginning years of her life, Peaches lost the majority of her teeth. In addition she is a little hard of hearing due to many untreated severe ear infections. Like the allergies, her ears and remaining teeth should be monitored closely. Routine tooth brushing and ear cleaning should be a priority so Peaches does not lose what she has.

Through her healing, Peaches has shown herself to be a very mild mannered and patient Frenchie. She tolerates medical procedures like a champ! She has a strong personality but is not overpowering and can get along with everybody, human and canine alike. Of course with the addition of any new dog, we recommend slow intros to other dogs/pets in the household to ensure long term success. Peaches is content to hang out with her people wherever they are and has shown herself to be trustworthy with children. Of course she should never be left unsupervised with children or other animals to make sure everyone stays safe. While Peaches does get along well with kids, she is of small stature, so we will not place in a home with very young children.

Peaches has learned how to sit and stand for treats and enjoys a good chew on a nylabone. She doesn’t bark (at least that we’ve heard) so while she’s a great candidate for a living space with shared walls, she’s definitely not a good watch dog. Peaches enjoys wrestling and play time and is not overly active. Being a short nosed breed, Peaches should be monitored to make sure she doesn’t get too worked up. It’s possible that Peaches could need a palate resection in the future. Her forever home should be prepared financially to address this potential surgery. We will be looking for a home that has experience with brachy breeds for Peaches. Our thought is that this experience will be valuable in order to identify if her current symptoms (which are considered mild) worsen.

We were told that Peaches can climb a chain link fence, so priority will be given to yards that are fully fenced with block or privacy type fences. We would love to find a home that treats their dogs like children, and is able to spend a lot of time with Peaches. Peaches loves to sit in your lap so a person that is content to lay around on the couch on a Friday night rather than hit the clubs, would be a great match!

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