Location: Arizona

Age: 7

Sex: Female / Spayed

Weight: 20lbs



Dogs:Yes, w/ slow intro's

Available As Of: 8/7/14

Adoption Fee: $500

Be still your hearts, because beautiful Pearl is on the available page! Saved from a life of potential breeding at a pet store by a group of dedicated volunteers, this beautiful blonde has been living the good life with her foster mom and sisters in sunny Arizona. Are you looking for a dog who will be the happiest when she is with you?? Then Pearl is your girl!!

Miss Pearl is still working on her potty manners, so this is something a potential home will have to be dedicated to working on with her. While she does enjoy the company of a dog or two, her main priority is her people. She will need slow introductions to other dogs, as she may be a bit picky as to who her canine companions are. Pearl wants to be your number one, and who can blame her??

Here is what her foster mom has to say about her, “Pearl is the sweetest little muffin. She gets along great with her foster sisters, but her favorite thing is being with her people. She will follow you from room to room just so she doesn’t miss out on any quality time. She loves to sleep with her tongue sticking out (we don’t think it fits in there!). She does great in her kennel but still struggles with pottying inside, but we are working on it and she is getting better every day. She has a huge heart and can only go to a home that is ready to give her back as much love as she has to give, and that is A LOT!”

If you think you have a lot of room in your heart, and a lot of quality time for a girl like Pearl, then send an application out to sunny Arizona for her. Please make sure to provide how you will continue to work on her potty training and how you will use slow intros for Miss Pearl if you already have a dog in your house.

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