Location: North Carolina Age: 6 yrs. Sex: Female, Spayed Weight: Kids: Yes, older, dog savvy Cats: unknown Dogs: Yes, her size and energy level Adoption fee: $600

Miss Penny is the sweetest 6 year old girl you ever did meet.  A Diva who is used to all of life’s spoils, Penny is a special girl looking for an extra-special home to meet all her needs. Miss Penny is 6 years young and enjoys snoring away in her fluffy dog beds, and her daily sunny snoozes on the deck.  Penny is still full of life though, and enjoys a good antler chew or stuffy play session when she feels so inclined. Penny loves everyone she meets, and is equally loved back in return.  Penny gets along wonderfully with other dogs, but will need to be placed with dogs that are close to her energy level and size. Spunky as she may be, Penny had a previous back injury that healed on it’s own, however it does cause her to get along a bit more slowly than others.  As a result, Penny also doesn’t do well with stairs.  She will need a single-level home where she won’t have to navigate stairs.   Penny enjoys a quick romp in the yard for exercise, but prefers not to over exert herself.   She cannot endure long walks or heavy exercise.   Additionally, she will only be placed with older dog-savvy children. Penny is well behaved at home alone, but when left to her own devices for too long, she will make her own entertainment. This Diva does not wish to be confined to a crate when her people leave for work. Penny’s ideal forever family would work from home or would be able to stop at home for a mid-day potty break. Penny would make a wonderful shop dog and would love to go to work if permitted. Penny very much enjoys the company of her people, so someone who has plenty of time to give her would be ideal. Penny would be happy in a first floor apartment or a house, and does not require a fenced back yard. She likes to sniff around and explore, but doesn’t wander too far from her people. In fact, she will often plop down for a sunny snooze in the yard or driveway!
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