Location: Virginia

Age: 6

Sex: Male, neutered


Kids: Good w/kids 10yr+

Cats: No

Dogs: yes, submissive

Adoption fee: $600

Looking for a handsome boy who is pretty easygoing?  Look no further than stunning Percy.  This honey- pied 6 year old was lovingly surrendered to the Village when his family’s work schedules were leaving him home alone most of the time.

In Percy’s foster home, he has been a perfect gentleman.  he is potty trained, crate trained, and gets along well with the resident dogs, although he prefers the more passive ones.  He’s wonderful in the car.

Percy may not be the best mix with your kitties, as he is not used to them.  Older children who are dog savvy would be great for Percy, but we would have to say no to the younger kids.

He needs a fenced in yard.  He LOVES to explore.  He doesn’t need someone home all day, but we would like him to go to a new owner who is able to be home with him part of the day, or come home at lunchtime to give him a short break.    Someone who works at home would be Percy’s dream.

Dislikes?  Don’t go near his feet!  He hates having his nails trimmed.   He may have some allergies that grain free food and frequent baths will help with, but this is typical of the breed.

If you are interested in this good looking boy, please fill out an application.

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