This update is from Piggie’s mom:


“Piggie (adopted as Margaret from SC) has been with me almost 8 years and is getting to be an old lady. We recently had a big scare when she stopped eating and drinking, lost control of her bladder, and could barely move. $1500 of tests and a weekend stay at the vet later, we found she has bad arthritis in her spine, and a slipped disc ... she was in a lot of pain and she’s a tough girl. She’s been on pain meds and is back to her usual sweet self now. She may need to get on anti-inflammatories as she ages. I’m so in love with this dog; I want her to stay forever.”


We are so sorry to hear about the big scare Piggie and her mom had but are thrilled that she is feeling better. Piggie obviously is in good hands with her momma. We couldn’t have imagined a better home for her!