Please give a warm welcome to FBV’s newest addition….Poppy!!! This sweet girl was surrendered by her breeder due to weakness in her back end. Poppy is estimated to be between 3-5 years old, is a larger sized female, and has already been spayed.

She is a healthy gal other than a slipped disc in her neck that occurred back in August. She has been to see the vet and right now is being monitored to determine if she will need an MRI. She has weakness on the left side of her body with the weakness being worse in her hind legs than her front legs.

Poppy is being fostered in VA by a wonderful family who instantly fell in love with her. She is a complete cuddle bug who just wants human touch but snores quite loudly so get out those ear plugs. 😂😂😂

She is slowly being introduced to the resident dog which is going very well…all he wants to do is kiss her. Guess he is in love with her too!

Please follow along to watch Poppy’s progress and to see when this pretty girl goes available for adoption.