Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Age: 4 months

Sex: Female, will be spayed before placement

Weight: Growing

Kids: Yes

Cats: Yes, No Birds

Dogs: Yes

Adoption fee: $700

Really that’s all we need to type on this girls available bio to generate what’s guaranteed to be a TON of applications. How often is it that you see a puppy in rescue? And a healthy puppy at that? It’s not often at all and that’s why we want to start this introduction by telling you that competition for this girl will be fierce. Take this opportunity to make sure you complete that application as if you were completing your driver’s exam or your final test to graduate high school. In other words, it’s your time to shine! Please let us know why you, your family and your home is the best possible fit for Daisy!

Daisy is a beautiful, happy and healthy puppy. She hasn’t met an enemy in her short life and like any typical well-adjusted puppy she’s HAPPY. We want to keep her happiness just as it is and so we will be looking forthe things that make Daisy happy in her new home. One of the things that Daisy enjoys most is playing with her fur brother and sister. So we’d like to find an appropriate playmate for Daisy in her new home. Due to Daisy’s size it might be best that she go to a home with a similar sized dog and definitely a dog with a similar crazy happy go lucky personality. It wouldn’t be fair to bring Daisy home to your senior dog, she’s just too intense.

Daisy also enjoys her people and interaction with her people is super important to a puppy at this stage of her life. She wouldn’t begin to be happy being locked in a crate for 8 plus hours a day while you are at work.Therefore priority will be given to those that can work from home, are retired, can take Daisy to work with them, or have appropriate plans on how to address a puppy’s needs while working full time.

As I think we mentioned earlier, haha….that Daisy is a puppy. So you must be prepared to deal with all that puppyhood has to offer. This means constant playing, barking, chewing, lots of trips inside and out for potty breaks. If you appreciate your nice quiet laid back lifestyle we’d like to suggest you consider one of our more mature pups as an addition. It’s hard when you see that cute puppy face but please be honest with yourself and your lifestyle before considering adding a puppy. Daisy’s previous owners did not consider the extra work that a puppy brings to the household and that’s why she found herself in rescue. We don’t want that to happen again.

One thing that we also want to mention is that Daisy’s potty training, well that’s a work in progress. Sometimes she will go outside and other times she will come right back from outside and potty inside! She hasn’t gotten the hang of potty training and it’s likely that until she gets some age on her that this will continue to be a challenge. Be prepared!

We want to make it clear that Daisy has not yet been spayed, her spay is set for 8-12- 16. She will NOT be placed before she is spayed and completely healed, NO EXCEPTIONS. We are putting Daisy into available status so we can begin the application screening process which is bound to take quite a bit of time.

With that being said, we ask that if you submit an application that you are patient and keep in mind that the application process typically takes 6 to 8 weeks start to finish. As we want to allow everyone to have the opportunity to apply we will accept applications for one week once Daisy becomes available. During the next two weeks after we will start conducing phone interviews and reference checks. We will then decide which applicant(s) will receive home visit. Home visits are REQUIRED before we place any dog. Once a decision has been made, we will notify all applicants of their status and then will make arrangements with the lucky adopter for pick up. You must travel to pick up Daisy, we do not transport our dogs and it’s completely up to the foster family as to if flying is an acceptable option for Daisy. If flying is deemed acceptable Daisy will be required to ride with her adopter (no agents please) in the cabin. Frenchies should never fly as cargo.

Good luck, we can’t wait to see your application!

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