Ralph is a senior boy who is as sweet as can be! In his foster home, Ralph gets along great with his foster siblings. He does not display any signs of food aggression or toy guarding.

Ralph could stand to lose a few pounds, as his favorite past time is eating, getting treats, eating, and asking his foster parents to share any tasty morsels with him.

Ralph could be a little hard of hearing, and will be vetted soon. He responds well to a touch for correction, but not verbal correction.

He is the true definition of a velcro dog! Frenchies are bred for companionship, and Ralph is the best companion ever!

He loves to ride in the car, and is never far from your side. Ralph does not like to be gated or crated, but so far has done well being left out in the house when his foster parents are at work. As Ralph is an older boy, he needs to be let outside to do his business every few hours.

So far, Ralph does not believe in dog beds…he much prefers the human bed and to snuggle up on the couch with his humans and foster siblings.