Ralphie is not yet ready for adoption. We are still evaluating his personality and behavior. An email notification will be sent when he becomes ready for adoption. If you wish to receive the notification, please sign up for our mailing list at the top of the front page of our website. Adoption fees are set at the time a dog goes available and applications can only be submitted at that time. Please follow our website and social media pages for updates on Ralphie!

We have a big announcement; there’s a new guy in town!


Meet, Ralphie!


Hey y’all! I’m Ralphie! I’m a Carolina boy and I’m five years old. I came into rescue because I couldn’t get along with the cats in my old house. They said I attacked one; I said I pleaded the fifth; it was a whole thing… So anyhow, I ended up here at my foster home. It’s a pretty sweet setup; there’s no cats here so I have been keeping out of trouble. I asked my foster mom to describe me in one word and she said “Crazy GO NUTS”, “100 MPH”, “the Energizer Bunny”.. Clearly, she can’t count but hopefully that’ll work to my advantage with the number of treats she’ll give! She’s right, I am as playful as a bouncing puppy. I LOVE to run, play fetch, go on walks, zoom around the house, and play with my foster brother. I am the type of guy that NEEDS exercise, or I will drive you crazy. It’s still a GOOD crazy because I’m super lovable.


I am a pretty healthy boy. I went to the dogtor and found out that I’m healthy as a horse (not quite sure what a horse is but they said it’s a good thing)! My skin is in pretty good shape, my ears are clean, and I smell like roses. I actually don’t know what roses smell like, but I’ve heard all good things. Foster mom said I’m a bit wiggly for wrinkle cleanings but still polite. I try to be a good guy, especially since I’m still recovering from the whole feline debacle.


If I’m going to have a dog sibling, please make sure they love to play! I lack socialization skills so I can be “a bit much” as the humans say. I do take corrections pretty well, but I am still learning cues from my foster bro on when “no means no”. I do pretty well on a leash but I’m working on my pulling. Have you been on a walk? It’s so exciting, I’m just trying to see EVERYTHING. The humans don’t like me dragging them, so I’m trying to improve on that with my new harness.


Well guys, it’s great to meet you and I’m so thankful you took me in. I’ll see ya in a few weeks on the available page.



We greatly appreciate any and all donations! $250 will help us provide Ralphie with some basic essentials, such as a leash and food, as well as help us cover some of his vet bills.

You can also Venmo us @FrenchBulldogVillage or text "DONATEFBV" to 44321 to donate through our secure link!