UPDATE 4/28/2017: Sadly, Ringo has crossed the rainbow bridge. Run free sweet boy. The Village and your foster mom will miss you greatly. You will never be forgotten for you were such a special fellow. 💐💕💐

Ringo was born on 8-19-2006 and is part of the “GA gang” (numerous Frenchies that were surrendered from one home in GA). Ringo has a small white mark on his forehead and a white chest and is a very handsome Frenchie with a huge head! It’s hard to believe that he’s 11 years old as his energy level is still very good. Ringo is a very curious boy and loves to be involved in everything you do. He’s a true Velcro dog. He particularly enjoys monitoring the fenced back yard and peering out the front storm door window. He is quick to alert if he sees anything going on he thinks you should know about. Ringo loves sleeping in the bed with his foster fur brother and foster mom, he’s a pretty large Frenchie so when he stretches out, he tends to take up a lot of room. You have to remind him that he can’t hog the entire king size bed!

Ringo came to his foster mom with a history of loose stools. As he transitioned to a higher quality food and with the help of canned pumpkin, his foster mom noticed him having more difficulty in his attempts to eliminate. After one particularly rough go, she took him to the vet. The vet took x-rays and informed her Ringo’s prostrate was very large and had signs that made her believe it could be cancer. Ringo was referred to the specialist and unfortunately through multiple tests, it’s been confirmed that Ringo has advanced stage prostate cancer. Unlike prostate cancer in humans (which is treatable if detected early), there is no cure for prostate cancer in dogs. Ringo has been given anywhere from a week to months. He has been placed into hospice care and will remain with his foster mom soaking up as much love as he can with the time he has left.

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