UPDATE 6/13/2018:

Rocco’s foster mom reports he is doing well in her home. He has a lot of energy that contributes to some of his bad behavior. He has been slowly introduced to the resident dog and is making progress with learning social cues. His foster mom says he is a sweet loving boy. We will continue to keep the Village updated on his progress.



Meet Rocco, a new foster in the Village! This handsome boy is 1-1/2 years old and boy is he a looker! Rocco was rescued by a wonderful family from a bad situation. However, shortly after rescuing Rocco the mom was diagnosed with health issues and will require surgery ASAP. They realized that with everything going on they could not provide the correct environment that Rocco needed, so they tearfully surrendered him to the Village. Rocco is a typical Frenchie boy with a lot of energy; however, Rocco has some boundary issues when it comes to personal space with other animals. Rocco had not been around other dogs before so he does not understand the social cues dogs give when they are done playing or when he is invading their personal space. Because of this, Rocco has been known to have a few spats with other dogs. Rocco is a bull in a china shop and does not back down when another dog lets him know he is pushing his boundaries. Rocco is dog aggressive and will need a lot of work to safely be re-introduced to other dogs. Rocco will require a lot behavioral learning when it comes to other animals and their social cues. However, this boy is as sweet as he possibly can be; he loves to give kisses and be near his humans. Rocco is currently laying down his head in Florida where the foster home is experienced with dogs with some quirky behavior issues.