Location: North Carolina

Age: 5

Sex: Male / Neutered

Weight: 26lbs

Kids:15+ *No young children will be considered*

Cats: No

Dogs: Yes

Available As Of: 8/6/14

Adoption fee: $450


Rocko has made it to the available page! That’s right this Frog Prince is looking for his forever home. Are you that perfect home?

Rocko was surrendered because of his interactions with young children. Rocko has a history of nipping small children, the exact circumstances are not known. Rocko’s perfect home will have no young children, no plans to have children, and no young children who visit often. Teenagers who understand how to interact with dogs will be considered.

Rocko would be fine in a house or an apartment as long as he got outside playtime and walks each day. Rocko would make an excellent office pup, as long as no young children are involved. He loves to be with his people, and is generally quiet, laid back and super friendly. Rocko absolutely loves people and loves to meet new people, so an office setting would be great for him.

Rocko is great with other dog,s once he gets to know them. Rocko is dog reactive at first, and needs proper introduction time when interacting with new dogs. Once he has the chance to sniff and check them out, he is fine. He would not do well being dropped into the mix at a dog park, but he does really enjoy the company of his foster siblings. Rocko enjoys playing tug and fetch in the yard with his foster siblings. His foster family does believe that without another dog, Rocko would most likely not play much if at all outside.

Rocko is fed in the same room as his foster siblings and has no food aggression with other dogs, and no guarding. Furthermore, he will allow his foster family to take the bowl away from him with no issues.

Rocko is crate trained, and stays in the crate a few hours at a time when needed. However, he prefers to nap on the couch or on the comfortable dog bed and cuddle with his people whenever possible.

Rocko needs to continue working on taking treats gently. Rocko’s beautiful face comes with a downside, he requires daily wrinkle cleaning and weekly ear cleanings. He has had past issues with his facial wrinkles, and his ears. Without this daily wrinkle cleaning and weekly ear care, he will have a relapse.

Additionally, his adoptive family must be aware that Rocko may have some hip issues in the future. He is bow legged and has some rotation limitation. He is currently showing no signs of problems and is not exhibiting any issues outside of the rotation limitation. This should be monitored and his adoptive family should be prepared for the possibility of issues such as arthritis, should they arise in the future. He is currently on joint supplements to help lubricate and strengthen his joints and keep them as healthy as possible.

Rocko does overheat quickly and takes a long time to settle back down, so his warm weather outdoor activity needs to be monitored. He would not make a good hiking buddy or a walking companion on super long walks.

If it sounds like you are the perfect fit for Rocko, please read our adoption process page (click here) for additional information. Then come back here and select the Apply link below to submit your application for Rocko.

If you are interested in this handsome fellow, please be prepared to travel south! Rocko is located in North Carolina and will not be shipped.

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  • If you are interested in adopting Rocko- please fill out an online application.    Apply

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