We met Rou in October of 2014 and immediately fell in love with her.  Rou was rescued from a puppy mill and is very anxious around anything that has four legs, but she absolutely loves people.   Rou is the friendliest, happiest dog when she is around us, or our guests.  She gets so excited she can leap four feet into the air, which is impressive.  She likes to fill her days sitting in the sun, playing with her favorite toy monkey, chewing her bone,  and most of all sleeping, while snoring louder than can be imagined by a 28 pound French Bulldog!

We have been doing continuous behavior training with Rou and she is definitely getting better while out on walks, as she is an active listener when outside.  Rou’s foster mom lives close by and continues to be her trainer.  She is an important part of Rou’s development and we are very thankful for her help.

We are so happy that we found Rou and could not be more thrilled to have her as a part of our family!