Rufus is settling in to his foster home and he’s doing great! Here is what his foster mom has to say about this sweet boy.

“Rufus has not had one accident in my house. I wished I could say that about all my dogs!  He has settled in and is feeling so much better.  He loves playing with my girls and he is content to simply follow us around the house. His skin is clearing up and he is gaining some needed weight.  I am feeding him twice a day.  Rufus sleeps in bed with us or goes out and gets on the couch.  He doesn’t like to be gated or contained,  but that is not a problem, because he doesn’t bother anything when is out.  He is not a cuddlebug, but he does like to sleep under the blankets.  He wants to be in the room with someone… and as you see in the picture, he likes sitting in the recliner with my husband! I have had a lot of fosters and I have to say Rufus is one of the best I have had.  Having a dog who is already housebroken is such a plus! Most of other fosters have been mill dogs or kennel dogs. Rufus is a loud barker and barks to go in and out.  He also barks if he wants something!  He’s a talker! Rufus has a face like grumpy cat on the internet, always has that frown – but he is happy and feeling good now!”

To find out more about Rufus, check out his profile here!