Sherman was adopted this weekend.  Here is his beautiful adoption story from his foster mom:

Sherman went home yesterday, and here is what his forever looks like:
A Mommy and Daddy
And lots of love.

Before you see the photos, I should let you know that his parents are two very dear people, ready for any hurdles that may arise.

While we completed paperwork, I saw Shermie stare at Jellie. Then he walked over and kissed her face. He had never done that before. Yes, it made me have to work hard at choking back the tears, as he told Jellie that he knew he’d be happy, except for missing her.

Daddy works from home, and Mommy works in an office, and they live a life where Sherman will be their baby. It took 8 years of life for Sherman to find forever, but no matter how old:

You did it, baby! It was a long, and sometimes tedious journey, but one I am so honored to have been part of.  I love you, Shermie! Oh, so much.
Love, Aunt Mommy & Pouting baby Jellie.