Here is a wonderful update from Sophie’s forever mom, Virginia. Sophie’s name when she was with FBV was Lady Di. She was adopted back in August of 2017 and was part of the GA gang.

Per Virginia, “The name Lady Di just did not fit so I changed her name to Sophie. She responded to her new name immediately. Sophie is doing wonderful. Her personality has changed from the shy little girl I adopted. She knows she is in her home. She is now more outgoing, enjoys running in her yard, laying in the grass and getting dressed in her pink or pink plaid harness to go for walks and talk to neighbors.” It is very hot right now where Sophie is residing so she and her mom are not able to spend time outside except for when absolutely necessary. They are both looking forward to cooler weather.

Sophie’s mom is very happy to be owned by this sweet little Frenchie, and we, at FBV, are happy that Sophie is in such wonderful hands with Virginia. Sophie is obviously very loved! ❤️