Sophie has been ADOPTED!

Here are some special words from her foster mom: “Today has been such a happy and sad day all at the same time. Today, our Sophie girl has officially taken off to start the next chapter in her life with her forever family. After having this sweet angel since May (our longest foster to date) we have grown so attached to her and she has touched many lives during her stay with us. When you meet her you know she is something special. Once she went up for adoption and the applications came flooding in, I was a bit overwhelmed until I came across her now parents’ application. I knew from the start they were perfect on paper but given Sophie’s history with meeting new people I was hesitant about her meeting them as they were flying in from out of state. From the moment they walked in our door, it was like it was meant to be! She went right to them and not to long after, she was sleeping in their lap which she never does with strangers! It warmed my heart and made this process so much easier because I knew this was who she was meant to be with. We will miss her like crazy but I am content and happy knowing she is going to have such an amazing life and have all of the help she will need with her condition and she will be one spoiled and loved little girl.”

Sophie is a beautiful, 8 month old little girl who was surrendered by a young lady who adopted her through a breeder in California. The lady already owned a St. Bernard who was becoming depressed and ill and would not come out of her room ever since Sophie arrived. This is why she decided to surrender Sophie to the Village. She knew that we would find the best possible home for this sweet gal.

Sophie has been diagnosed with a bone disease called craniomandibular osteopathy, or otherwise known as, lion jaw. This is a disease that causes excessive bone growth and for Sophie it’s affecting her jaw as well as a portion of the top of her skull. This condition can cause issues with the temporomandibular joint (the jaw joint) which could lead to Sophie to not be able to properly open her jaw and function normally. The doctor said it will stop by the time she’s done growing (around 12-14 months) but until then she could potentially go through waves and have days where she’s really good and days when she’s not. The hope is that with this disease the bone can resorb and that she will improve over time. However, there is also the risk that she may reach a point of needed a feeding tube due to her not being able to open her jaw and eat, as well as the risk that things could become fatal. There is also the chance that she can function normally and go about her life without any difficulties, which is obviously the hope!

She is the most laid back and chill dog her foster mom has ever met. She is the biggest snuggler and just wants to be lying on top of her person all day. Lying in someone’s lap and cuddling is absolutely her favorite thing to do! She has moments where she gets playful with her foster Frenchie sibling, but most of the time she’d rather be right on her foster mom’s lap. She listens very well and knows how to sit, stay and come. Even though her foster home does not have a fenced yard, her foster family never puts her on a leash as she has learned her boundaries, never wanders off, and listens when called. Despite her not wandering off from the yard at her foster home, a fenced yard is preferred and it is recommended that her forever home not expect a reliable recall from Sophie in the beginning.

Sophie loves to eat but doesn’t have any food aggression and almost never barks! When she does bark, it’s usually brought on by her foster Frenchie sibling and she has more of a howl than an actual bark. Her foster mom reports that she does get car sick, but she has found that if she keeps Sophie on the floor of the passenger seat she tends to get less sick. Sophie has been found to have no temperament issues.

She is only partially housebroken. Her foster mom sets out pee pads, one upstairs and one downstairs, for Sophie to use. For the most part, Sophie knows to potty on the pee pads, but there are moments when she goes potty elsewhere. It is unknown if she could tolerate being crated. However, she is leash trained.

Sophie would really love a forever home where someone is home most of the day. Although she is fine on her own, she really needs human contact as much as possible. If her forever parents work away from home, she will require one of the parents to come home mid-day or a pet sitter/dog walker to come by for a mid-day potty break. It would be very nice if Sophie was an only dog but it is not a requirement. She definitely tends to favor humans over dogs.

Sophie would prefer a home without children or one where the children are over the age of 15 and are dog savvy. Her foster mom reports that she tolerates children but will shy away from them and hide behind her. Sophie’s forever home must also be aware of the responsibilities, as well as emotional and financial concerns, that come along with lion jaw. There is the potential for some difficult times with this condition.

Sophie is truly unlike any other dog! She is the sweetest, smartest, and calmest dog ever. She just wants to love and be loved back. She would be the happiest dog if all she did was rest her head on her person and snuggle all day. She is a very special Frenchie that everyone falls in love with the second they meet her!