Sponge’s new family sent us an update and some photos.  One picture is of Sponge and her foster sister, June  – snoozing together.   We love the second picture of Sponge at the NC-SC state line, south of the border sign. She has transitioned well, which is great – considering how for the first two weeks in foster care, she would barely eat and cried through the night.   During those first two weeks, the stress of going outside after living her first five years in confinement, would cause Sponge to become physically ill.   It took her 2 months before she quit high stepping when walking on grass, as if she was on a bed of nails.  As she gained confidence, she finally reached the point were she would clean her bowl without her foster mom by her side, she walked on grass, and she slept through the night. Even despite her high stress levels in the beginning, Sponge always loved people. She loves to roll over for belly rubs, cuddle with her person or a canine companion. We are glad that she found a family where someone will always be available to give her the love and attention she craves.  Sponge is living the good life!

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